EMF Reduction Tips, Meters, and Avoiding Gimmicks

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What Are EMFs and Why Are They Concerning?

“An electromagnetic field (EMF) is produced by an object that is electrically charged.  Everything electronic produces an electromagnetic field.  These fields vary in strength and type.  Some are strong enough to penetrate walls; some of them penetrate a few inches into our body and some pass right through our bones.

There are natural EMF’s like earth’s magnetic field or lightning strikes during a thunder storm…  However, in the recent years the exposure to man made EMFs has increased dramatically.  There are studies that shed a little bit of light on what effects we may experience.  And what is in store for our developing children. (additional reading)

Our brain neurons communicate by converting chemical signals into electrical signals. Exposure to unnatural, man made EMFs interferes with this important task and has the potential to alter our brains. A little bit of WiFi here and there will not hurt, but what about the cumulative effect throughout one’s life. From conception to adulthood? And WiFi is only the tip of the iceberg, we need to worry about extremely low frequency (ELF) electric, magnetic and dirty electricity radiation too. How all of these interact and affect each other and the developing brains of our children.” The source of that information is this article which is overwhelming but very informative about types of EMF.

A Few Tips for Reducing Exposure to EMF:

⁃ Turn off the WiFi in your home, at least at night. It is possible to use computers and even phones by connecting to the internet using cords (the old fashioned way before there was WiFi). If you do keep Wifi in your house, you can get a timer that will shut it off automatically at night.

⁃ Keep your phone on airplane as much as possible. However, when you turn airplane mode off and on, the phone emits a higher surge of EMF as it disconnects or reconnects.

– Also, turn off “location services” because otherwise your phone is always tracking/ aware of where you are geographically, even if it’s in airplane mode. The only time I turn that on is if I need to use a GPS map app. Here is a post I made with more information on the many tracking settings you can turn off.

⁃ If you are wondering which is “worse” between WiFi or using Cellular data on your phone: If both are available, use airplane mode and then connect to WiFi only (not cellular data). Keep in mind this will provide you with internet but that you won’t be able to make phone calls.

⁃ If you are somewhere that doesn’t have WiFi (or it isn’t a strong signal), turn WiFi off, otherwise the phone will be constantly searching for Wifi signals and trying to connect.

– Have your smart meter on your house changed to an analog version. Note that “digital” versions might be better but possibly not by much. Also note there will probably be a cost to change the meter as well as have someone come read it every month.

– Be aware that “EMF blocker” type of products or phone are almost always gimmicky. In some cases they can actually make things worse. For example, if you use an EMF blocking blanket over your belly, if the EMF is coming from behind your back, it could be going through you and then bouncing off blanket back into you again. Similarly, phone cases that flip open or only block one side have been shown to do this. From all the information and experts I’ve listened to, I don’t think any of the little stickers or things like that do anything.

– Also note that “dirty electricity filters” can make things worse and are best administered by a “building biologist” or professional expert on EMF.

– To reduce dirty electricity, it’s possible to filter at the main panel. Have an electrician tighten all the connections in the electrical system, which reduces a lot of DE.

I do have an EMF blocking pouch from lowemf.com that completely encases the phone. I keep it there when not using it but need to have it nearby. I keep one in my purse, one in the car, etc.

Details About the Types of EMF:

“RFR Radiofrequency radiation – very simply put: WiFi and microwaves.  Anything that transmits information through the air without wires will emit RF radiation.  Cell phone towers, cordless phones, anything ‘smart’ or anything that receives information through air.

ELF Electric Field – These are present wherever voltage is present.  Usually projected by electrical wiring within walls, power cords, some power lines.  If the device is plugged in (even when off), it is emitting an electric field.  These can be measured on the skin as your body is absorbing the electricity.

ELF Magnetic Fields –  Most common sources are power lines, electrical wiring and appliances.    Wiring errors and any electrical device may be an offender.  These are strong and are able to penetrate windows, walls etc.

(Electric and magnetic fields go hand in hand with each other and are often produced by the same object. For example, lamp plugged into a wall socket will generate an electric field at all times, including when it is “off”. It will also generate a magnetic field when it is “on”).

Dirty Electricity – “Electrical pollution” produced by dimmers, fluorescent lighting, computers and others. It is a type of electrical “noise” that is always present.” Source.

Meters to Measure EMF:

I looked deeply into which meters are best for measuring EMF and the following three are what I chose to address all the different types of EMF:

1. The Acousticom is for RF (cell towers/wifi). Amazon Associates link: https://amzn.to/3Nyw50I A similar, but more expensive meter with more features is the Acoustimeter AM-10 EMF Meter. I tried both and decided the Acousticom was sufficient for my needs. Amazon Associates link: https://amzn.to/3X9BIFU

2. PF5 Pocket Power Frequency Meter (ELF & VLF) measures both electric and magnetic fields. Amazon Associates link: https://amzn.to/3XdHXbN

3. Stetzer Microsurge Meter measures dirty electricity. Amazon Associates link: https://amzn.to/3JieJ5M

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