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Services/ Expertise:

I’m not actively pushing any of the following services, but figured I’d list them in case anyone is interested. While I love providing lots of free information on my site, I don’t have a lot of time, and if people are wanting specific advice not covered in my posts, this is a way I can provide private specialized assistance if requested. Contact me for more information, thank you! I look forward to helping in all the ways that I can. I often donate my time of providing these services to good causes.

Non-Toxic Consulting:

In depth advice for home or businesses. Examples include prioritizing goals for reducing toxicity, ingredient analysis, and finding products that meet your particular needs.

Home Organization:

I am a Certified Organizational Specialist through Clutterbug. This is a personal interest of mine that I really enjoy and has been a lifelong inclination. I can provide personalized recommendations for de-cluttering (especially toxic items), minimizing, and keeping things looking tidy and organized (using non-toxic storage vessels). I also practice Black Hat Feng Shui.

I have found that a huge side bonus of doing this are the mental benefits that extend to your entire life! Consultations have a hint of similarity to a therapy session, as there’s surprisingly a lot of psychology involved with why we hold onto things and struggle to stay organized. When we start to let unnecessary possessions go, it can be incredibly cathartic in ridding ourselves of associated negative feelings as well.

Health Coaching:

I have completed certifications from the Health Sciences Academy in the following: Advanced Sports and Exercise Nutritional Advisor, Fundamentals of Health Coaching Short Course, Starter Nutrition Course, and Professional Weight Loss Course.

Many conventional “diet programs” include things like meal replacement or sugar/carb replacements that have questionable ingredients. I have realized that nutritional advice with consideration for avoiding toxicants is possibly non-existent, and I can provide unique counsel that meets this need. 

Additionally, efforts to lose weight weight run the risk of becoming mentally toxic; the stress can be counter productive and actually lead to binging and unhealthy relationships with food. I am sensitive to avoiding tactics that may trigger eating disorders, and have completed preliminary training through the National Eating Disorders Association volunteer program.


Business Consulting Testimonial:

“I had the pleasure of working with [Clean Green Toxicant Free] when looking for new packaging for some seasonal candy I sell. Up to that point I had used quart sized Ziploc bags and it had long been a desire of mine to change to something much more eco friendly.

Now I did my research, but you call in the experts when you need to take things that extra mile. [Clean Green Toxicant Free] devotes her time and energy to this endeavor and I knew that she had way more expert knowledge and terminology understanding than I did. And she succeeded with flying colors!

After a few emails back and forth she led me down a path of reusable packaging that I had not considered previously. And found me a website that is wholly committed to the cause.

While I am still converting over to this newer packaging, I can say without pause or hesitation that I got there with [Clean Green Toxicant Free] assistance.

Whether you are simply looking for some info, or ways to change your habits, I can’t recommend her enough.” ~Matt Lang, Owner of Sally & David’s Better Brittle

Reader Testimonial:

“My heart is filled with immense gratitude and appreciation for [Clean Green Toxicant Free]. Not only does she provide a wealth of information based on thorough research, she has also been extremely kind and generous with her time – promptly addressing any questions or concerns I have with wisdom and understanding. It’s apparent she has a deep passion and drive to help everyone make informed decisions to live a healthier life without toxins. It shines through in her dedication towards the content she creates, along with her valuable input amongst other non-toxic communities.

Her blog is one of my main resources when in search of non-toxic products and information to keep my family healthy. Her blog has prevented me from the confusion and anxiety-inducing process of going down the rabbit hole of trying to figure it out myself amongst the sea of misinformation. I put my full trust in [Clean Green Toxicant Free] and can feel assured in following her suggestions.

Thank you [Clean Green Toxicant Free] for all that you do, and for being YOU!”

~Petrina Chiu 

Home Organization Testimonial:

“I asked [Clean Green Toxicant Free] to help me organize my house because I was at a loss of how to do it myself. With her help and guidance, she taught me what kind of organizer I am, and showed me how to make each room exactly the way I hoped I’d envision it to be. She was spot on, friendly, and professional. Highly recommend her!”

~Dana Wilson


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