How to Reduce Cellulite Without Toxic Products

A beauty queen’s secrets to looking youthful without toxic products, Part 7!

The video contains tips for cellulite, and there are additional tips written below.

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This will be an 8 part series so stay tuned! The posts will have both videos and additional written material.

Video for Part 7:

This short video is available on YouTube, embedded below. It’s also available on Facebook and other social media. YouTube can be convenient because because with the YouTube app you can listen/ watch it while you do other things on your phone. It’s possible to do this on Facebook as long as you stay on the app.

Products Described in the Video:

Fascia Blasters by Ashley Black. I have a set of 5 tools ( that is no longer on Amazon, but the two I would recommend most are the Faceblaster: and the Mini 2: You can also check out so many other tools at this link to their website and let me know if you need any additional discount codes such as cocoon40 for 40% off select tools.

I use these on my thighs, and they can also be used on the buttocks, belly, back, arms, etc.

These unique products target the fascia in your body. Fascia is a connective tissue that weaves throughout your body. Fat cells live within the connective tissue, which is why your skin can look wrinkly and lumpy. The tools are used to temporarily support blood flow and smoothes out fascia tissue, changing the appearance of your skin and supporting blood circulation. The patented technology uses special “claws” that dig deep into your tissue, regenerating the collagen matrix.

More Tips Not in the Video:

I believe that using a foam roller can help smooth out lumpy legs. Cork (no foam) roller: I haven’t tried this specific brand but this is one of several cork options on Amazon.

I have one of these tools and it can help to use as a last step after any/ all of the other tools in this post. I lay on my back and put my legs up or against a wall, and sweep the tool downwards towards the hip creases to encourage fluid to leave the legs. Lymphatic Drainage Massager Body Shaping Gua Sha Tools for Full Body:

I don’t think dry brushing is going to make cellulite disappear, but people swear it helps with lymphatic drainage, which is a good thing and could play a role with skin appearance. I always forget to use mine and am a little wary of the germs from using it over and over, but I have one of these and the price is shockingly low! EcoTools Dry Body Brush, for Post Shower & Bath Skincare Routine, Removes Dirt & Promotes Blood Circulation, Helps Reduce Appearance of Cellulite, Eco-Friendly, Vegan & Cruelty-Free:

Another huge tip is moving your body, and not eating toxic foods. Check out my fitness and diet tips!

If you have loose skin, here is a list of things that can help:

1. Radiofrequency

2. Vitamin C

3. No hot showers

4. Build muscle

5. Collagen

6. Micro needling/ derma rolling

7. Intermittent fasting

8. Exfoliating

9. Manjistha, which is good for the lymphatic system. Amazon associates link

10. Microcurrent. Here is a device I’ve seen other people have good results with. I personally have not tried it. I don’t see ingredients for the gel listed, but it’s probably toxic and I recommend looking for a less toxic alternative. this is NOT an affiliate link: Here is one on Amazon associates link for one that claims to be similar. Again, I haven’t tried it:

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