1. A link to all of my posts on my Facebook page, organized into albums. Categories include:

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2. Natural Baby Mama is the best (in my opinion) non-toxic blog and group on Facebook. You can search the group for a wealth of info, or ask questions if they haven’t been answered already! This was my top recommendation even before I was asked to be a moderator (which I was honored to accept).

3. Lead Safe Mama website/ blog and Facebook group explains so much about why lead is harmful and which products have it, with testing results.

4. EWG Databases and resources including the Skin Deep Database; Search each ingredient (for personal care and cleaning products) rather than looking at overall product ratings. Also the cleaning guide database. And, the dirty dozen lists. However, I thought this was an interesting article about some of the discrepancies with EWG, but I still think it is a valuable resource.

A similar resource is available from the National Institute for Health. Here is how to use it.

5. Using Essential Oils Safely. And Scentsable Heath. I’m including these because I believe that improper use of EOs/ using near children or pets can be toxic, but there are ways to use safely.

6. Dr. Annie’s Germ Experiments. Keep in mind she isn’t trying to be non-toxic so I avoid some of the things she uses, but you can see which products/ methods are effective and then choose the less toxic ones.

7. I recommend joining at least one mold group on Facebook. Here is one example: Mold Avoidance Community