How to Stay Fit on a Cruise

7 easy tips plus a bonus!

Your body doesn’t care that you’re on vacation; you don’t get a free pass to eat whatever you want and be lazy without gaining weight. Some people gained 10 pounds on the cruise I was on. Here’s tips for how I avoided it.

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1. Always take the stairs! They are almost always faster than the elevators. Leave those for people who really need them.

2. Many cruises have sports spaces such as basketball, so that you can incorporate fitness into your activity time. Some cruises have decks with walking / jogging paths that go around the whole ship. Disney cruises to Castaway Cay have an free optional 5k and give medals to anyone who participates. This was day 7 of my cruise.

3. Don’t go overboard on food, even though it’s unlimited. On cruises where the staff gets to know you, you can request no bread to arrive before meals. You can probably also request not to have chocolates left on your bed.

Avoid the buffets; This makes it easier to avoid temptation from seeing so many options. You can technically order as much as you want at the restaurants but the time it takes to receive the food and also the social etiquette of ordering a normal amount will help limit you from getting too much.

4. Know your weaknesses and have trade offs and rule priorities. If you know you can’t resist tasting the desserts, be strict about avoiding fried food and carbs during your meals. Share a dessert for the table instead of getting one for just yourself. Or ask if you can get a child/ small size dessert portion.

5. Don’t snack between meals. The food available between or after hours is usually sweets or things like pizza. Also, any time you eat, it spikes your insulin/ shifting your body into fat storage mode. I aim to have at least 3 hours between meals.

6. Don’t drink anything besides water. Alcohol, soda, juice, sweetened coffee drinks, etc., are all empty unnecessary calories that can really pack on the pounds.

7. Cruises do have fitness centers, but I didn’t use them. I prefer to do tips #1 or 2 because those can be done as a family, so I’m not taking time away from fun activities with them! If you do tips #1-6 you won’t need to take extra time for the gym. Here are low cost Silicone resistance bands that take up very little space, and you can use in your room.. Amazon associates link:

8. Bonus tip: If you do gain a few pounds of fat during your vacation, lose them asap. The longer you wait, the harder it will be because your body will adjust its set point.

You can still have fun !

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