No Sugar Molten Chocolate Lava Cakes


I created something deliciously decadent, without the guilt! The cake part has no sugar added, and if you use the Thrive Market sauce, that has no sugar added as well!

It tastes rich and flavorful with a surprise inside! In the future I’ll try this again with Alter Eco brand chocolate truffles. I created this dessert πŸ’― myself on a whim, while a friend was on the way over for dinner.

Here is a video reel that shows the process.

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I used my cupcake recipe # 2 at this link, with applesauce, not banana.

I put the cupcake upside down and and put the almond butter cup in while it was still steaming hot, to melt it. Next time I might try baking it with the chocolate sunk in the dough.

You can use either kind of cacao sauce shown. They both taste similar to Nutella. The Thrive market one (black lid) has no sugar added!

You could even use the sauce in the center instead of the almond butter cup, which would make the entire dessert no sugar added.

Marshmallows are an optional topping to make it look more like a volcano shape. These are vegan and slightly healthier than a conventional type, but not perfect: (Amazon associates link).

Here are the chocolates I’ll try inside this time, because this is a low lead brand Alter Eco chocolates, which are a low lead brand. I like this particular version because it does not contain milk : (Amazon associates link).

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