How to Make Easy DIY 👶Organic Teethers and Dolls


Babies put everything in their mouth, so it’s very important to make sure their toys and teethers are truly non-toxic. See my link for Safe toy suggestions.

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When my kids were babies, they had some organic toys (Under the Nile is one good brand; Amazon associates link to one:, but they plow through them quickly and are expensive, so when I considered buying more, I felt the infant mouthing stage is short and worried we wouldn’t get much use out of them.

So I decided to make some teether toys out of wash clothes and burp cloths. These materials are less expensive and more versatile, and conveniently can be taken apart and put in with the regular laundry.

I had an idea to make teddy bear 🧸 shapes out of organic burp cloths and hair elastics. They recommend using tiny rubber bands to make ears, but those would be more of a breaking and choking hazard (babies should be supervised with any type of elastic band). Babies don’t really know what bears are anyway so I figure the point is just making a shape that is easier to hold and chew. Plus they are easy to take apart and wash.

Here is an Amazon associates link to the organic burpcloths I use:

I also took an organic washcloth and just tied a knot in it (shown at the top of the picture). If you’d like a chilled option, you can slightly dampen the washcloth with filtered water and place in the fridge to cool before giving to baby.

Here is an Amazon associates link to the organic washcloths I use:

Here is my favorite way to make the bears 🐻 :

Here is another way to make bears (the middle bear in the picture above):

Here is a video showing how to make a cute little doll out of socks 🧦 ! I personally don’t have the time for something this involved, but what a great way to use organic socks that have lost their matching half. If you use a stuffing, find an organic cotton, not polyester.

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