Non-Toxic Couch and Rug Review

After giving away our couch set, I did a lot of searching to replace it with a non-toxic set. But finding one that was comfortable, good looking (by my husband’s standards as well), and not exorbitantly expensive was more difficult than I expected!

Same with the rug; see more explanation below. I finally bought this couch set from Medley and love it!

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What makes it less toxic is latex instead of polyurethane cushions, plus lead-free leather that avoids the conventional toxic dyeing and processing methods. Samples from this brand have also tested free of PFAS.

Medley has a sale starting soon! Check out their website at this af link:

These are the item names that I bought from Medley:


I also had a hard time finding a non toxic rug! I almost bought one that was organic and cost several thousand dollars. But then I realized I still have small kids and it was likely to get ruined. So I compromised a little and found the one shown above.

It is very affordable, that at least is πŸ’― cotton and doesn’t have flame retardants. Amazon Associates link:

I also have another of these rugs in my dining room in this beige color: (Amazon Associates link).

If you would like my recommendation for the least toxic organic wool rugs, Organic Weave would be my top choice. Earth Weave Catskill would be my second choice. Neither of these are affiliate links. I considered both of these because they are organic, but they were much more expensive than the one I bought.

It was also hard finding a rug and couch that my husband also liked the look of, and we are both very pleased with everything we got!

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