Minimal Makeup for Maximum Impact 💄

Including Eyelashes and Eyebrows

A beauty queen’s secrets to looking youthful without toxic products, Part 3!

One of the reasons I think I look so much younger than my age (40), is because I don’t wear makeup often, and I never slather my face with liquid foundation.

When you think about it, it’s not that different from how clowns 🤡 apply makeup; foundation is just skin colored face paint. And no matter how much brands claim to be “non-comedogenic” or non-pore clogging, you’re still coating your skin with pigments, minerals, and all kinds of other ingredients that are often toxic or at the very least, not meant to be on your skin all day every day.

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See Part 1: Skincare, Cleansing, and Exfoliating, which contains an introduction to the whole series.

Also Part 2: Mitigating Wrinkles, Plus Alternatives to Botox, Fillers, Facelifts, Medspas

This will be an 8 part series so stay tuned! The posts will have both videos and additional written material.

Video for Part 3:

Video is available on Facebook or YouTube, embedded below. YouTube can be convenient because because with the YouTube app you can listen/ watch it while you do other things on your phone. It’s possible to do this on Facebook as long as you stay on the app.

Products Described in the Video:

I have personally purchased all of the following, unless noted. All links are Amazon Associates links:

Au Naturale Organic Crème Concealer in Oaxaca – Vegan Cream Concealer | Made in USA. Normally I use the Tulum color but so also use this one that’s one shade lighter. (Amazon associates link).

Ecotools makeup brushes. I didn’t show many of them in the video but that’s only because these brushes have lasted 20 years and the handles look “well loved” so I was embarrassed to show them on camera. But they work great! (Amazon associates link). The slanted brush in this set is what I use for my eyebrows and eyeliner:

I showed a different Au Natarale lip product in the video, but I also use this gloss:

This isn’t the color I use, but I do use either translucent powder or powder foundation sparingly, such as this: I use the Java shade for contouring and eyebrows.

The other brand of makeup I use is Poofy Organics. It’s not available on Amazon and I don’t sell this product personally, but I recommend it.

I almost never use eyeshadow but these crème shadows are so beautiful!

I only had those eyelash extensions for maybe a month or so and then removed them. Now I’ve gone back to just using low-toxin mascara such as this one: or I also use this Shu Uemura eyelash curler:

When I want dramatic longer lashes, I use these DIY lash extensions, but only for a few hours and then I remove them because as I mentioned, the glue is toxic. But at least it isn’t going directly on your eyelid like fake eyelash strip lashes do.

But I just found out that Poofy Organics makes a less toxic eyelash glue, so I’m going to check that out. I’m not an affiliate with them.

Check out my non biased guide to non-toxic makeup with low heavy metals. I don’t sell any of them.

More Tips (Not in the Video):

If you look at any online makeup tutorials, especially if you aren’t sure what shades of makeup to use for your skin color, try to find tutorials from people with appropriately the same shade of skin color as you. 

If you look up any tutorials for contouring, look for ones given by people with the same facial feature shapes as you are trying to contour. For example, the same jawline or nose shape or features (wide, long, nose hump/ bump, etc.). There isn’t just one way to contour; it really depends what you are trying to highlight or conceal.

Eye makeup is another one to try to watch someone with your eye shape or features, such as hooded eyes.

If you have started to show signs of aging, makeup tips geared for that can also give great tips to avoid bringing more attention to it.

Be wary of viral tips or hacks; they may be disastrous on you if your features are different than the ones in the videos.

I only discovered nose contouring after I filmed my tips video, and my mind is blown at the differences it can make, BUT only if you find the right techniques for your particular needs.

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