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How I Avoid Bias:

I want to assure you that I do NOT participate with direct sales/ MLMs, and am not paid to write any articles/ blogs. This keeps my recommendations free from bias.

All my tips are given absolutely free. Not only is this not a money making endeavor, I actually lost money for the first couple of years, because I have to pay for the domain and hosting for my site, so that I can own the content and it won’t be suddenly deleted by an outside host.

Farther down this page I explain how I cover some of the costs, without costing you anything.

Why I created this site and how it’s different:

Quite simply, I just want to help others! I admin, follow or am active in many non-toxic and eco-friendly groups (I’m NOT trying to replace or compete with any of them, but definitely have things to ADD to the field), and have done a lot of research on my own. Often I want to respond to questions I see online but my responses would be too long for a comment, so my original reason for creating this site was so I could just paste a link and that would make it easier to share more widely.

Here is a deep post where I address giving credit where it’s due, instances where I don’t care to receive credit, and hostility in the blogging community. I don’t want to be part of that and welcome collaboration with other experts in the field.

I have a background in scientific research and summarizing factual information in an easy to understand way. In some cases, in addition to my own findings and content found no where else, I compare, combine and fill in gaps in recommendations from different sites, bloggers and groups (and give them credit), so you don’t have to!

One topic that will not be covered here is vac cines; there are plenty of other resources for that.

What does “toxicant” mean?

A toxicant is any toxic substance, whether man-made or naturally occurring. Terms more often seen are “toxin free” or “non-toxic” which I will sometimes use because they are easily understood, even though the technically most correct term is “toxicant.” “Toxin” refers to only naturally occurring substances (i.e. from a plant or animal) that are toxic.

“Non-toxic” is a term often seen on consumer products, but means very little and my standards are far more stringent than that. Often even the best available option isn’t completely non-toxic, so when I use that term, it often means “least toxic option available.” This link gives more discussion, but the toxin definition is not an official one.

My foremost concern is avoiding toxicants in all forms, including food. My page recognizes/ strives to set the bar at the highest standard of non-toxic (going well beyond the generic “non-toxic” labels on products), but is realistic about the fact we can’t live in a perfect bubble.

I may sometimes settle for a lower level in purchases for various reasons, but I still recognize those as “good/ok, but not the best” and that better options do exist. This is in contrast to some other bloggers who sometimes alter their rating scale to match personal preferences or affordability. I do happen to be a frugal spender though, so I will mention budget-friendly options. Another benefit of avoiding toxicants by purchasing things such as certified organic items, is that the certifications often include ethical provisions to prohibit animal cruelty and to cover workers rights and fair wages. Some certifications are marketing gimmicks though, so I will help you navigate those.

What about being “green”?

It’s important to note that while avoiding toxic substances is usually also natural and eco/ environmentally/ earth friendly, often it doesn’t work the other way around, and products marketed as earth friendly are often NOT very non-toxic. For example, recycled toilet paper often contains toxic BPA chemicals. This doesn’t mean we should stop supporting recycling; it means it is even more important to remove toxicants from everyday usage, such as in store receipts that contain BPA and then contaminate the recycling stream. “Crunchy” isn’t the best way I’d describe myself, but I do utilize holistic approaches.

I will discuss products that are “greenwashed,” which refers to eco and/ or non-toxic marketing that doesn’t live up to their claims. Brands like Seventh Generation and Mrs Meyers are examples, and I know (because I’ve been there) that’s hard to hear if you have been using them! 

I have bachelors and a masters degrees in environmental science/ conservation, so I do make educated efforts to be both non-toxic (admittedly my bigger priority) AND earth friendly (for example, I use bamboo toilet paper which is both non-toxic and earth friendly), or make notes of best choices for each criteria. I suspect many people cross onto the path of avoiding toxicants from first starting on an eco-friendly path. That’s how it started for me! I’m not hardcore about avoiding all plastics, but I do avoid some at all costs, and the rest of the time, I can help you navigate the less toxic choices. I believe I can help people on all stages of their toxicant free, green, and clean journeys/ aspirations.

What is “clean” referring to?

“Clean” is a buzzword that has been gaining popularity in usage, referring to both non-toxic and eco-friendly ingredients. I actually don’t love that usage because it is vague and subjective. The reason I used it as part of the blog name is also because I am somewhat of a germaphobe (yes, I know that not all germs can/ should be avoided), and cleanliness and organization are important in my home. Especially in light of Covid 19/ Coronavirus, I will discuss ways to combat the bad germs/ bacteria/ viruses/ parasites while still avoiding toxic products.

How I am covering costs of this website:

To help cover costs, I am initiating a few revenue streams, and if earnings exceed the amount it costs to maintain this site, I will be donating /doing philanthropy with the proceeds, or using it to expand and share more information. For example; I’d like to write a cookbook and/ or childrens book, and would love to be able to give copies away in places like schools. Any sort of affiliate links are clearly labeled, so you aren’t being tricked into anything. Here are ways I am covering the costs of running the site, without costing you anything:

1. Third party advertising through Google, beginning fall 2022. I am unaffiliated with any ad content, though I have specified restrictions on things like political ads. If you notice any ad themes that you find problematic, let me know. I know ads can be a bit annoying, and that’s why I avoided it at first, but it is a great way to cover costs without costing my readers anything.

2. As of spring 2022, Clean Green Toxicant Free is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate program designed to provide a means for sites to earn dividends by linking to products on amazon.com. This is of no cost to you. I feel this program is a way to cover the costs of maintaining this site, without creating bias. This is because I’m not creating my recommendations based on a payment from specific products. I may receive a small commission if you make any purchase (even if it’s not a product I linked to) after clicking my affiliate links; thus, the benefit isn’t tied to any particular products. Here is one of my affiliate links for a recent purchase I made for GOTS certified organic cotton sheets: https://amzn.to/3nU1ZaX. Most things I use are on this master list, and/ or linked in my other posts.

3. Referral links for discounts to products are the basic type that all customers are encouraged to share, and only give benefits on future purchases; so you can be sure that I am recommending the product because I actually use it. I am beginning to selectively add brand affiliates, but only for products I have already been using and recommending (so you can be sure that I’m not recommending anything simply to make money), and any commission will be used philanthropically. Here is a full list of all my referral or affiliate codes.

I also share sale and discount codes for trusted products, even if they don’t benefit me.

Reoccurring Blog Vocabulary:

I don’t usually use hashtags, but these are some I created (they aren’t meant to correlate with any other sites) to help highlight helpful tidbits I incorporate within my posts.

#LessonLearned: I share experiences where I learned the hard way, so you don’t have to!

⁃ #WhenGreenIsToxic: Examples of when Environmentally friendly doesn’t always equate to non-toxic.

 #MyTopPicks: This is how I will designate the products I recommend most.

 #MoneySavingTip: Everyone likes saving money, and I’m great at finding ways to lower costs.

-#WhatToAsk: I give guidance on what to ask if you’re interested in a brand I don’t discuss.

#WhyShouldWeWorry: What is the potential health (and sometimes environmental) impact.

#EthicalConcerns: I try to include information about animal and worker welfare.

⁃ #hardcorenontoxic: Sometimes I’ll mention considerations that are for people who want to be absolutely as toxicant-free as possible (but probably aren’t things the average reader needs to be concerned about).

⁃ #Hearsay: Often in my research and reading reviews, I’ll see a unique claim that is hard to substantiate, but I include it in case you’d like to investigate further. Occasionally these claims turn out to reveal truths, so that is why I include them.

⁃ #FactCheckMLMs: I wouldn’t say I’m anti MLM, but I will analyze some of their claims, especially because sometimes sales consultants can stretch the truth even more than what the company directly says.

-#NoPerfectOptions: Sometimes, we just have to do the best we can out of what is available.

-#PrecautionaryPrinciple: The belief that when data is lacking to show something is truly safe / non-toxic, it’s best to err on the side of caution and avoid using it.

⁃ #headspin: I haven’t used this one yet but I have a feeling I’ll need something along these lines 🤪

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