Vegan, Lower Sugar Decorating Frosting

This recipe makes quite a bit of frosting. If you have excess, it can be frozen. or you can try to cut the recipe in half.

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  • 2 pounds organic powdered/confectioners’ sugar (cane sugar is best for texture and organic ensures it is vegan. I explain further in this post). 3.5- 4 cups equals one pound.
  • Low sugar option: Substitute some of the sugar with tapioca flour. The more you substitute, the less sweet the frosting will be. You can experiment with stevia or monk fruit to help add more sweetness. 
  • 1 and ⅓ cup organic palm oil shortening by Nutiva or Spectrum
  • ½ cup plant milk or water
  • 2 teaspoons organic vanilla or other extract 
  • Pinch of salt (optional) (see my salt guide)
  • Natural food dye; in my opinion, the best as far as toxicity of ingredients is (Amazon Associates link)

Mix one cup at a time of sugar with small amounts of liquid, using en electric mixer. Add vanilla and and food coloring last. To make the color swirl pattern shown in my photos, I mixed small bowls with a different color in each, and then put some of each in the piping bag with a long cake decorating spatula.

The tricky part is getting a perfect consistency. Sometimes you need more water, sometimes a little less water. But the great thing is that you can manipulate the icing to get the proper consistency by adding more water or more confectioners’ sugar. Consistency is very important; it needs to be thin enough to squeeze through a piping tool, but firm enough to hold a shape.

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