Organic, Mold-Free Coffee: My Top 3 Brands ☕️

I personally don’t drink coffee but my husband loves it, so I went in search of brands that are organic and mold free. These are my top 3 choices, in no particular order. The prices for all three can be as low as around $20 per bag if you choose subscribe and save from their websites, linked below. All brands have decaf or less caffeinated options.

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Purity: USDA Certified Organic, Rainforest Alliance Certified, and some are Demeter biodynamic certified. Lab testing results are available on their website. Smokeless roaster, nitrogen-flushed bags, sourced from sustainable farms, regeneratively grown. Available in whole beans. Get a 20% discount on your first purchase with code CGTF at this website link. They are also available on Amazon:

Fabula: Tests each batch of coffee for over 350+ chemical compounds (including mold and mycotoxins) at independent labs (they will share the lab results by request). They only sell coffee that tests 100% clean. Low acid, small batch, fairly traded (not certified). They offer Whole Bean, Ground, Coarsely Ground (cold brew) and flavors. Get 50% Off and Free Shipping at their website. They are also on Amazon:

Lifeboost: USDA Certified Organic and they test for 400+ mycotoxins, heavy metals, pesticides, etc. and will provide a Certificate of Analysis if you request one. Fairly traded (not certified), sun-dried, spring water washed, low acid, burlap bags available upon request. Available in whole and ground beans, as well as flavored. This brand makes disposable single serve pods as well. Get 50% off at this link to their website, and they are also available on Amazon:

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