Mitigating Wrinkles + Alternatives to Botox, Fillers, Facelifts, Medspas

A beauty queen’s secrets to looking youthful without toxic products, Part 2!

I turn 41 years old this year but frequently get told that I look like I’m in my twenties. Here are my easy secrets to mitigating wrinkles at low cost without toxic products or procedures.

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See Part 1: Skincare, Cleansing, and Exfoliating, which contains an introduction to the whole series.

This will be an 8 part series so stay tuned! The posts will have both videos and additional written material. If you don’t like videos, all pertinent products are listed below, although the video shows tips for face yoga and such (around half way through the video), and mewing excises (about 3/4 of the way through the video).

Video for Part 2:

Video is available on Facebook or YouTube, embedded below. YouTube can be convenient because because with the YouTube app you can listen/ watch it while you do other things on your phone.

Products Described in the Video:

I have personally purchased all of the following, unless noted. All links are Amazon Associates links:

Jade roller and gua sha tool (one piece each): I use the roller everyday! I also use it on or above my eyebrows (the 11s lines area). Admittedly I don’t use the gua sha often but if I had static wrinkles I probably would.

Jade roller and gua sha tool (six pieces):

Gua sha set for face:

Gua sha tool for body:

Glass cupping face tool:

Silicone face and body cupping set: I don’t use any of the cupping tools often but if I had static wrinkles I probably would.

Dermapen micro needling tool. In the video I mentioned I have the roller kind but don’t recommend them. I ordered this pen stamp kind to try:

Frownies wrinkle patches: I haven’t been using these at all for for a few months but if I had static wrinkles I would.

Here is me shortly after waking up in Costa Rica, still wearing Frownies! I didn’t realize my hubby would want a pic right away 😃

Red light therapy devices; the video describes the Tanda that is no longer made. I have read that Saunaspace, Lumebox or Boncharge make low emf options. None are currently available on Amazon. I try to use the red light every few days.

The video describes the Evenskyn Venus eye massager wand I have, and mentions shipping delays. I looked into that again and it turns out it was the company that just took a month to ship it out after printing the shipping label. I noticed that Amazon carries another brand of the same type of device. I can’t speak to the quality of this but it looks similar to what I have. I aim to use this everyday.

Angel Lift Dermastrips are silicone strips worn in the mouth to combat wrinkles (Marionette or smokers lines) around the mouth, and help your lips appear more plump. I wear these sporadically. I have the Vermilion version.

Oralift is a device worn in the mouth that trains you to not close your teeth together, which can have benefits to your facial appearance.

Silicone wrinkle patch set from Oia:

Face lifting double chin / jowls head strap: I will note that added benefits of this are that it reminds to to do mewing, and to puff out your lips a little instead of letting your top lip purse or start to fold under. Be sure to wash the whole thing frequently.

Plasma pen fibroblasting tool similar to this: To finish my story about the age spots, I went to another med spa to ask about age spot removal, and they said it could take 5 treatments at $300 each, and even then the spots might not get removed. That seemed crazy to me so I didn’t get any treatments and still have the age spots. I’ll keep using my plasma pen. I have tried so many topical things and none of them help at all. A doctor told me that the age spots reflect damaged DNA at the site, and if exposed to UV light they will return. So I always wear a hat outside, although I do try to get sunlight on my body for vitamin D.

More Tips (Not in the Video):

I also use a fascia blasting tool on my face on the jowl and eyebrow area. There are pressure/ tension points around your eyes. I’ll have more tips on that in an upcoming video.

Skin hydration is important so I recommend sipping water throughout the day. Don’t worry about chugging water throughout the day if you’re not thirsty though. And I recommend avoiding drinking out of straws because that crinkles up your upper lip and causes “smokers lines.” Smoking or vaping anything will also cause this, as well as causing other negative effects to the skin and overall health.

Never pull or drag your skin. Be gentle when washing and drying your face. Instead of smearing on chin creams, gently press them into skin. Don’t rub your eyes or rest your cheek on your hand. Even makeup brushes can drag your skin!

Other factors in skin sagging are bone loss and fat loss. So sagging skin isn’t always because it stretched out; there’s just less underneath it so it looks looser. But that’s all the more reason to not stretch it further.

As I mentioned in the video, repetitive motions of the face over time cause wrinkles. Smiling is still good because it lifts so many muscles up, but frowning is bad because it pulls your whole face down. Pouting is also bad. Basically all the negative emotions including anger are bad for your face as well as your demeanor. You may have heard of mind + body connection, but it’s also: Mind + wrinkle connection!

Also check in a mirror how your mouth looks when you make the “E” sound. You may think you look like this: 😬 but really you might look more like this: ☹️! Try to train yourself not to turn the corners of your mouth down, even when you talk. I try to smile as much as possible when talking. Even when not talking, keeping a slight smile on your face instead of “resting b*tch face” is a great way to keep your face uplifted instead of gravity pulling everything down.

Another thing you can do all the time is keep a micro small lift in your eyebrows. Don’t raise your eyebrows so high that it creates big ripple wrinkles, but just enough so that you don’t feel like this:

You’ll find that these small changes in how you hold your face can have profound impacts on your mental health! Smiling has been proven to make you feel happier; and likewise, releasing angry forehead lines can help you feel less angry.

Before going to sleep, be sure to relax any tension in your forehead and face. Gently puff air out of your mouth to pucker your lips out a little.

Also reduce tension out of your body as much as possible. If you have “elevens lines” you have tension in your forehead. And if you have tension in your forehead, you almost certainly have tension in your neck. And if you have tension in your neck, you likely also have tension in your forearms. That’s right, your forearms. Take a second to massage them. Surprisingly tender and painful right? That was a tip you’ll find no where else, because I have put all that together myself based on small bits from other expert sources. Everything is connected, so releasing tension in these other areas can help your face too! Dimples in your chin are another sign of tension.

Sleep as much as you can, particularly before midnight as sleep is more restorative before then. Sleep is when your body regenerates skin cells. Check out my unique sleep tips.

Sleeping on your back is best to prevent wrinkles. I personally can’t do this because of back problems though. Make sure your pillow is adequately high enough to lift your head; this will help prevent excess fluid from causing puffiness in your eyes and face.

This article describes a sleeping mask that is supposed to help alleviate wrinkles. I think I read it only stays on if you sleep on your back, which I don’t, so I didn’t look into it further.

Try not to take scalding hot showers. I do admit I take hotter shower than I should!

Avoid heat from sources such as the oven. Stand back after you open the oven door to let the blast of hot air escape, before you get your face close to it. Oven mitts will help protect your hands from the heat and dishwashing gloves can help during dishwashing.

Don’t rub your lips together.

Look into “tapping” techniques for the face. It gently helps increase blood flow to the skin, which is very beneficial.

Getting sunlight on your body is essential for vitamin D, but I wear a hat to protect my face outdoors, except in the morning. I carry a hat around in the car to wear even for quick trips outside, such as walking across a parking lot from my car into a store. Sunscreen can contain quite a few toxicants and heavy metals including lead, so I don’t consider it ideal for daily wear.

Check out Part 3 of this series where I show close ups of my face without makeup, and give more tips for avoiding skin aging.

Avoid looking down as much as possible. “Text neck” is bad for the skin on your neck too! Try to look up often. Just be sure to do this gently as you don’t want to forcibly stretch the skin in front of your neck, or crinkle up your forehead. Blue light from things like cell phones have also been linked to facial aging.

If you have hooded eyelids, these eyelid stickers can help adjust where the fold of your eye sits and help it be higher:

Some ingredients in skin care that have been shown to help improve wrinkles are aloe Vera, red ginseng, soy, niacinamide, and astaxanthin. Consuming pine bark improved skin color and decreasing pigmentation of age spots, so I’m going to look into trying that!

Stay tuned because more anti-wrinkle and youthfulness tips are coming !

Lastly, here is an interesting article about how having kids literally ages you. But I’d say in some ways kids also can have effects of reconnecting with being and feeling young.

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