Water Filtration Recommendations and How to Find Out What is in your Water ๐Ÿ’ง

Filtered water is one of the top things I recommend making a priority, along with air filtration. Why? Because you breathe air every second of every day. You also drink water throughout the day, every day. This makes them your biggest source of toxicants. You canโ€™t live without air and water, so take steps to make sure they are toxicant-free!

I recommend that everyone filters qtheir water. To find out more about what might be in your local water, you can ask for your city water reports, and check this EWG water database. You can also send in water samples to labs such National Labs, but Iโ€™m not sure if they test for PFAS.

CertifiedKit.com is another one that tests for lead. According to Lead Safe Mama, โ€œpublic agency testing is often to a level that is not protective of human health. The low threshold they use is 15 parts per billion, if it is under 15 ppb they tell you your water is ok when this is simply not the case. You want your water to be at or BELOW 1 (ONE) ppb.โ€ Be aware that houses build up until the mid 1980s may have lead pipes, which could add lead to your water AFTER the city tests it.

My most trusted blogger thoroughly explains water filtration options in her link. The best option she discusses for drinking water or whole house filtration (I have both) is Pure Effects brand. This system returns the minerals to the water (unlike reverse osmosis, which removes all minerals and also wastes a lot of water during the filtration process). They company will also help you figure out when of their filter systems you need for your local water.

I have been recommending Pure Effects for so long (see this post from 2020 as one example; but I have probably recommended it hundreds of times with no benefit to me) that I decided to get an affiliate link here. Any commissions will be used toward philanthropic purposes.

For traveling I use the Zero Water pitcher (Amazon associates link to the one I use https://amzn.to/3DldHST).

If you are looking for a pitcher- type of filter for home use, Zero Water does make ones with glass vessels; just remember that water does still have to pass through plastic parts. Amazon Associate link: https://amzn.to/3FrK059

I used to have a Berkey water filter, but I got rid of it after learning many shortfalls of it. Iโ€™ve seen test results showing the fluoride filters add aluminum to the filtered water. Berkey has a lawsuit against them right now for falsifying how well their filters actually work. If you have one already you can use Propur filters instead. Also be aware that you need to clean out the tanks regularly.

If you are looking for large bottles of water for a dispenser, look for ones that come in glass, such as Mountain Valley Spring water. However, be aware that glass bottles sometimes have lead or cadmium in the paint for the writing on the outside of them.


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