Media Kit for Partnerships

Updated April 2024


When I first created my website, I didn’t intend to become an “influencer.” It was 💯 anonymous and I never used images of myself (despite being signed with a modeling agency, so I’m no stranger to pictures). I wanted it to be focused on the information, not about me or trying to make money.

Quite simply, I just want to help others! I have accumulated so much knowledge about toxicity and health over the past 20 years and feel compelled to share it because there is so much misinformation out there.

At first I staunchly avoided all affiliate programs, ads, and any revenue earners. Over time, I realized that partnerships can help amplify my credibility and exposure to reach more people.

I continue to evolve my site and social media to better serve readers needs and preferences (such as creating infographics to summarize long winded investigation findings). And, I’ve started to show my face and name to add relatability and help nurture a stronger relationship with readers, which I love!


I am very selective about partnerships, and am the only non-toxic influencer who does not sell MLMs. This keeps me non-biased and maintains reader’s trust. I truly want to help others and build community relationships.

I use the MOST stringent criteria (no green-washing) and include many issues that others don’t, such as heavy metals, mold, and additives. Honestly I am often shocked and appalled at the “non-toxic” recommendations given by other sites.

In some cases, in addition to my own findings and content found no where else, I compare, combine and fill in gaps in recommendations from different sites, bloggers and groups (and give them credit/ collaborate), so readers don’t have to!

I’m a certified health coach, but instead of charging money, I help everyone for free instead of using it as a cover to sell direct marketing supplements.

Pageants are another platform to spread awareness to new audiences who are very invested in beauty and fitness but who aren’t familiar with non-toxic products. As of April 2024 I am currently “Supreme Mrs. Elite Beauty USA” and won national awards for Overall Professional Excellence, Merit Scholar, and Leadership. I have formerly held other pageant titles including “California’s Fit Mrs.” as “Mrs. Florida USA Ambassador.”

Because I live with a hidden disability called Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (with several co-occurring medical conditions and ADHD), I share how I maintain fitness despite health challenges, and started a recipe sharing group for people with similar health conductions and associated special diets.

I create my own unique recipes that are healthy and allergy-friendly with no sugar and no artificial sweeteners.

I also teach acro yoga and share how I incorporate exercise throughout my day with my kids.

Men have largely been left out of other non-toxic targeting efforts, and I am working to change that because I believe men’s health is just as important. It’s also a burgeoning market for less-toxic products.

On all my platforms, I avoid talking about issues that are too controversial, to avoid drama.

In addition to all my online efforts, I network face-to face in my community and take the initiative to host events such as women’s wellness workshops and no-candy events for children during holidays such as Halloween and Easter.


In addition to my Facebook page, I’m a founder, “group expert” or admin of many Facebook groups, where I duplicate my posts for even greater reach, as well as interacting with questions, comments and DMs. I get great engagement and many posts have gone viral, such as this post that has had 8.8K shares and this post with over 1K reactions on Facebook.

Facebook is my best platform because I keep my content organized in albums and encourage readers to browse them like an encyclopedia. This means the posts remain accessible and easy to find for perpetuity instead of just disappearing in the ether of the timeline. I do have accounts on other social media platforms and am happy to post more on them if it better suits you.

My current location is listed in the Media Kit above, and I have also gained substantial audiences and networks in other places I have lived, including Washington, D.C., Colorado, Florida, New England, and Hawaii. I have family around the world and travel often.

I have so many more ideas to continue to spread my toxicity knowledge and positive health and fitness messages to help as many people as possible!


I have bachelors and a masters degrees in environmental science/ conservation, so I do make educated efforts to provide both non-toxic AND earth friendly critique. Here is a link to my LinkedIn with more details of my education and experience.

I have a background in scientific research and summarizing factual information in an easy to understand way.

Podcasts, events, and groups have invited me to speak on subjects involving fitness and health. In addition, I have been featured in several published magazine articles.

My extensive volunteering (over 1,000 hours in one year), philanthropy and fundraising tens of thousands of dollars for charity earned a gold level President’s Volunteer Service Award in 2023.

The following link contains more about what I do, links to all my social media pages, and testimonials from individuals who have worked with me.


Carina Organics


Cornbread Hemp

Iron Roots


Poofy Organics (I am not an affiliate)

Leaf Razor

Force of Nature

Branch Basics

Laurel Skin

Rhythm Superfoods

Fluf: Sustainable Bags

Needed Vitamins

Oia Skin

Aloha: Organic Protein Bars

Hiya Kids Vitamins

Health and Med: lonic Detox Systems



Vivian Lou

Because of my modeling connections, I can often get professional photographers to take photos of me with products.

I also am approved for the Amazon Influencer program but haven’t set up my storefront yet.


Product Information Reel: Heavy Metals in Insulated Tumbler Cups

Food Tutorial Reel: Insect Fruit Decorating with Kids

Beauty Video: Natural Anti-Aging Tips


There have been so many more!

And here are responses I got on a giveaway post:

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